What Is A Quilt, And What Is Quilt Used For?

Quilts are versatile and can be used as a top layer on the bed as decoration. Whether the quilts are designed in a modern way or crafted in a traditional pattern, they are always lightweight and breathable with little or no filling. Therefore, they act as summer blankets and become a perfect choice during Spring and Summer seasons. Along with warmth, beauty is also a certain feature, which is associated with a quilt. So in addition to being an extra layer on a bed, the quilt also performs a decorative purpose as well.

What Is A Quilt?

A quilt is a piece of sheet, which is comprised of three layers stitched together to give a luxury sheet that is used over a flat sheet or layered over a blanket or under a duvet. Traditional quilts were hand-made, but modern quilts are both hand-made and machine-stitched.

Quilts are made of three layers.
Top Layer: This is the most significant and decorative part of the quilt, which gives an extra decor accent to your bedroom. It is actually made of cotton and features a pattern or artwork. To add further beauty, decoration, and elegance to the quilt, the top layer is replaced with velvet, silk, polyester, and microfiber.

Batting: This is the middle layer of the quilt, which gives some volume and padding to give you extra warmth under your duvet cover or comforter. Since ancient times, the batting has been composed of wool, feathers, and cotton.

Bottom Layer: The bottom is the third layer of a quilt that is commonly a solid piece of fabric, and it gives further strength and compactness to a quilt. It can be a simple plain cotton sheet or can be in the same material as the top.

What Is A Quilt Used For?

A quilt is a versatile and elegant 3-layered piece of cloth that provides both warmth and decoration to your bed. It’s a multipurpose sheet that serves as a bed covering, throw blanket, wall decoration, framed artwork, table runner, and doll-house clothing. Quilts are not only liked for their beauty, but also their weaving pattern, craftsmanship design, and sentimental value of a maker that he/she feels while looking at the finished product really matter. Simple and traditional quilts are commonly used as blankets that add further warmth to your bed under a comforter or duvet cover.

The modern quilts are more vibrant, elegant, decorative, floral, bright, and fancy; you can use them both as bedspreads and can be folded as an extra layer on the foot side of your bed.

What Is A Quilt Coverlet Set?

Quilts are mostly confused with coverlets, but there is a huge difference between a quilt and a coverlet. A coverlet is a lightweight, single-layered, and thin-bedding blanket, which just covers your bed with an extra and breezy layer of trendy designs. While on the other hand, a quilt is a three-layered piece of sheet that not only dresses and decor your bed, but also its thick and durable material adds extra weight and warmth to your bed.

Not only the aforesaid features, but a few other factors are also there to differentiate between a quilt and a coverlet set. A coverlet is without a batting (middle layer) and bottom layer. Therefore, it is less thick than a quilt, which is triple-layered.

Due to the lightweight, coverlets are easy to machine-wash, but being a triple-layered sheet, a quilt can easily be washed with hands. Coverlets just give extra weight and elegance to your bed; while quilts are more stunning and well-designed, and concatenate warmth and beauty with each other.

Where To Buy Quilt Sets?

Various marketplaces, departmental stores, and online platforms are involved in selling quilt sets. But we have enlisted a few sources that are authentic in this regard and satisfy their customers.

Their names are as follows:

  • Walmart
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Walmart Supercenter
  • Laura Ashley
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Brooklinen
  • Parachute

What Is The Difference Between A Quilt, A Sham Set, Comforter, and A Duvet?

Above we have tried our best to give you complete detail about a quilt and its uses. Now, get some idea about other bedding items, and how do they differ from a quilt?

Sham Set:

A sham is a decorative and big-sized pillowcase that completely transforms a normal-sized pillow fill into a useful accessory for your bedding set. Contrary to a typical pillowcase, a pillow sham has an opening in the middle of the back with a slightly overlapped fabric, which is closed with a hidden zipper or buttons. They are commonly sold in pairs, and their fabric is mostly identical to that of a duvet cover. Rather than being used while sleeping, pillow shams are used to support your neck and back while sitting on the bed or reading a book before sleeping. And these shams can easily be detached from their fills to wash by hand or machine.


A comforter is typically a thick, well-quilted, and fluffy blanket that not only provides an elegant decor accent to your bed but also gives you warmth and comfort during chilled winters. It is filled with synthetic fiber filler, cotton, or feathers, which is quilted or stitched to secure the filling and keep it evenly distributed. The comforter is composed of two components. One is the shell that is well-designed, more vibrant, bright, floral, and appealing. And it is made of cotton, silk, velvet, or polyester. Regardless of the material used, softness and lustrous feel are the major features of a comforter. But cotton comforters are considered the best choice by customers all over the world because cotton is an all-season fabric. The filling of a comforter can also be made of synthetic fiber or polyester, yet pure cotton is the right choice for those who are allergic and have some breathing issues.

Duvet Cover/Insert:

Duvets and comforters are not only different from quilts, but they can also be easily distinguished from each other. A duvet consists of two significant parts. The first one is the duvet cover, and the second one is the duvet or a duvet insert. A duvet cover loosely encloses a duvet without any stitching or quilting. Sometimes the terms duvet and comforters are confused with each other. But a duvet is a soft flat bag or a removable cover that encloses a filling (duvet), and it can easily be removed to wash the duvet cover.

Here we have tried our best to clear all the concepts and confusion regarding quilts, coverlets, comforters, and duvet sets. And legendbedding.com is not only providing you with every bit of information. But also we are acting as an online platform to let you purchase these items at an affordable price because we believe in making hotel-like luxury accessible to your home.

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